Pavel Puntus

Pavel Puntus - a commercial director with over 10 years of experience in the field. Pavel specializes in working with actors and pulling out an unforgettable performance from them on camera. Comfortably works in russia, as in usa and many european countries. He has several works in his portfolio, which were produced in Hollywood.

Commercial clients: Megafon, Tez Tour, Rolsen, Elitech, Zepter, Savage, Ruski Holod, Alvisa, Mamba, Sibirskaya Kolektsiya, Carl's Jr, Ralf Ringer and many more. Music video artists: Serega, Bianka, St1m, Satsura, Max Lorence and more.
The main principal in a commercial director's work is the talent ability to be professionally creative in the direction the clients takes you. In his life and work, Pavel's motto is: "Where's there's a will, there's a way". He always finds the way.
Andrei Lukashevich

Andrey Lukashevich is on of the leading directors/DPs, working in advertising industry today. He started his career in 1993 and he is one of those specialists, who have been developing Russian advertising market and have brought Russian commercials to the global level. Numerous awards, given to Andrey's commercial at different international festivals, confirm this fact.

Today there are over 300 commercials in Andrey's filmography, including ads for Sony, Panasonic, Nivea, McDonald's, Pepsi, Samsung, Mars and worlds leading brands.
Stepan Sibiryakov

Degree in Filmmaking NY Film Academy, Universal, CADegree in Fine Art
Creative skills and analytical approach has guided him into advertising field. 12 years ago he started as an illustrator, later was promoted to a lead 3D artist and then became a director.

Stepan has thorough knowledge and practical skills of every step in any kind of video production and I am glad to shoot creative projects of any kind of complexity.